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Flexibility and innovation to meet evolving security and intelligence challenges.

Who we are

Meet the Architects of Precision Intelligence

At Precision Signal, we are a distinguished team of intelligence and special operations experts with a 21-year legacy. Our mission is to deliver unmatched security and intelligence solutions globally.

What We Offer

Our Capabilities Take You To a Higher Level of Success


Advanced Intelligence solutions providing information operations in data collection, threat assessments, vulnerabilities, onsite mission services, and C4ISR analysis expertise.

Asset Recovery

Asset recovery in global location discovery, seizure, and relocation services for any asset regardless of location, size, or complication.

Executive Protection & Security

Executive Protection & Security in AI-enabled, cross-lingual, persistent monitoring of global and regional activities, threats of violence, social engineering exposure, or reputational damage, and 360-degree virtual and physical protection services.

Logistical Delivery

Efficient and secure logistical delivery services, ensuring your assets and supplies reach their destination with precision.


Special Operations Training with over 35 years of relevant land-based and maritime combat experience, our training services will exceed any private security company or government agency training curriculum.

Information Technology

We offer diverse IT services, spanning computer systems, software, programming languages, and data processing, ensuring seamless information technology solutions.

Why choose us

Unmatched Excellence in Security and Intelligence Solutions

Elite Expertise

Proven professionals with 21 years of continuous excellence in security and intelligence solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions

From All-Source Intelligence to crisis management, we offer a 360-degree approach to security and intelligence.

Global Reach

Serving the Public Sector and Private Sector clients with global impact.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize your unique needs, ensuring tailored solutions for unparalleled results.

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